Since ancient times, olive oil constitutes one of the most important foods in the Mediterranean diet pyramid.

The Brodimas family presents to you ATHERMON, a high quality extra virgin olive oil!

Following a traditional process which goes back in time, every year we begin harvesting olives ourselves, exclusively by hand. The olive picking takes place in mid-October, at our grounds on the fertile land of Argolida.

Straight afterwards, we carry the fruit to our mill, where through modern mechanical methods we accomplish the cold extraction of olive oil. We ensure the temperature conditions throughout the entire production process in order to maintain the nutrients and secure the olive’s aroma and flavour.

This is followed by storage in stainless tanks of nitrogen gas, under proper sanitary conditions, so that the standardisation of the natural juice of olives takes place while maintaining its quality.

Our aim is to enrich your meals with the best option of olive oil, as with its beneficial properties we can guarantee the consumer a pure product of excellent quality!

Our vision is…

For our olive oil to win first place in your diet −like it has in our everyday life for the last four generations− recognising its nutritional value and our attention to the detail for a successful outcome of taste and quality! | Products